Inside Sales $12.50 +bonus
Project Manager $70K+
Data Representatives $30K
Buyer Purchaser $50K+
Marketing Administration $35K
Executive Assistant $50K
Corporate Recruiter $65K
Receptionist $35K
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january 2009

Events in today's world mean that to survive
we need to be informed, prepared, empowered...

Job Seekers and Employers,
Prepare to be empowered!


Before you hit the bargaining table, know ...

what companies are paying for same or similar work.


How Well ARE You Getting Along?

Of the major issues contributing to turnover,
interpersonal conflict is right up at the very top.

Quickly spot telling behaviours, before it happens.

Is your Sales Force FAKING IT?

How well does your team research accounts,
make calls, assess needs, and propose solutions?
Be sure your sales reps have these essential skills firmly
in place, before they talk to prospects and customers.

Better Branding, From the Inside
A lot of turnover comes from mismatched expectations of success... Brand is a culture that is established by a company’s leadership.
What makes a good brand, matter.

Great Employees Expect Work-life Flex
The affordable solution to improving productivity, lowering attrition, while scoring you big points in the great-places-to-work arena.
Implementation how-to's ...

Looking for better ways?

CALL ME -- Ask about my new rates for 2009!
Over 20 years of expert recruiting experience.

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