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Operations Supervisor
Posted 22 Apr 2015 in: Paralegal
By Manager

My client, an international Property Management firm is currently seeking a qualified Operations Supervisor to join their Calgary office. The successful candidate will be responsible for the training and supervision of all site staff, and specifically Building Operators assigned to the site. This role is responsible for the maintenance of physical plant systems, and responding to tenant requests as well as coordination and supervision of site staff and specialized service providers in the performance of scheduled and unscheduled building repairs. The ideal candidate must be able to do maintenance to the building’s Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), mechanical, electrical, plumbing and life safety systems to ensure a safe, efficient and comfortable environment for building occupants. For immediate consideration, please call Abby Rubin (604) 836 – 2672 and email resume to


·          Pump service, removal and cleaning of strainers, replacement of mechanical seals, lubrication and replacement of bearings and alignment of drive couplings. Sump pump by others.

·          Replace air filters, align drive belts, bearing lubrication and cleaning of heat exchangers, coils and dampers. Inspect and test unit for operation of all cooling and heating functions.

·          Clean cooling tower and sump.  Adjust makeup water float, bearing lubrication, replace and align drive belts and inspection of related components.

·          Co-ordinate cleaning of heat exchangers.

·          Perform annual maintenance of hot water boilers including, cleaning of fire side, water side, heat exchangers and testing of safety devices.

·          Trouble shooting and minor repair of control system and end devices.

·          Undertake regular weekly and monthly inspection and testing of emergency generator and fire pump.

·          Update and record inspection and test logs.

·          Participate and assist in 3rd party contracted maintenance services on equipment.

·          Perform testing of fire and life safety systems.

·          Operate, test and lock out equipment to safely perform maintenance duties.


·          Minimum of 5-7 years related work experience.

·          4th Class Power Engineer Certification

·          Valid driver’s license.

·          Supervision, organization and training of site staff including Building Operators, and Security.

·          Knowledge of building and fire codes.

·          Understanding and ability to read construction drawings.

·          Knowledge of Direct Digital Controls systems operation and troubleshooting.

·          Ability to work with a computer and mobile communication devices.

·          Effective communication skills.

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