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Web Design Specialist
Posted 14 Feb 2019 in: Information Technology
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Web Specialist

Job Description:

Web Design Specialist

Job Purpose: Assists the Marketing & Operations departments with web-design projects, including but not limited to email campaigns and direct response landing pages. As well as in the monitoring and maintenance of search-engine-driven campaigns. (SEO & PPC)

Job Summary: Possesses design talent as well as coding knowledge to develop web pages using the latest industry technologies as well as managing SEO and PPC-type campaigns based on the standards in place and set by the marketing department.

Required Skills:

- Adobe Photoshop

- Adobe / Macromedia Dreamweaver

- Hands-on HTML coding

- ASP / .NET Programming

- Jquery and HTML5 technologies

- SEO Knowledge

- MS SQL Maintenance / Scripting

Asset Skills:

- Adobe / Macromedia Flash

- JavaScript & PHP

- Crystal Reports

- Adobe Illustrator / InDesign

- Macintosh Computer Knowledge

- MS IIS / Windows 2003 Maintenance

General Skills:

- Good communication / Writing skills

- Ability to work without supervision
This role is for my client in the Health and Beauty Industry on the North Shore.
For immediate consideration, please call Abby Rubin (604) 836 - 2762 and email The position pays $47,000 - $50,000 + benefits

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